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Swab testing for Covid19

A simple and more convenient @home PCR Test with Same Day Results

Our @home COVID-19 test are simple to administer, all we need is a throat and nasal sample. Our trained staff will carry out the test, which will then be analysed by a PCR test device which can detect the molecules of the virus, and diagnose COVID-19 and other viruses with 99.9% accuracy.

Whether you are isolating with or without coronavirus symptoms, our Rapid PCR tests are a simple and convenient way to get the results you need right from the comfort of your own home.

PCR Test for @home Returning Travellers: Day 2 and Day 8, or Test to Release

Booking an @home COVID-19 test whilst isolating after returning from international travel is as simple as it gets. After arriving in the UK, you must arrange a COVID-19 test for day 2 and day 8 of your self-isolation period. This is sometimes called a travel test package. Our PRC @home testing is a perfect option for all mandatory day 2 and day 8 tests.

COVID-19 @home testing services are the perfect way to reduce your self-isolation period after arrival from overseas. The “test to release” scheme allows you to choose to pay for a private PCR test for COVID-19. A negative result allows you to stop self-isolating. The earliest you can take a test is 5 days after arrival from a location which isn’t on the UK government’s travel corridor list.

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As a trusted provider of @home COVID-19 tests by the UK Government,
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Fit to Fly Certificates

If you’re considering traveling abroad, check for up-to-date government guidance from the country you plan to visit. Nearly all foreign destinations require you to present a travel certificate on arrival, demonstrating a negative COVID-19 test result prior to departure.

If your destination requires a COVID-19 test certificate for travel, a standard test will not suffice. Booking a private  PCR test is the only way to receive the ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate.

Our highly accurate PCR test includes a documented results certificate, signed and certified. Your fit to fly certificate guarantees that you’ve had a negative test result from an accredited private provider.

COVID-19 Testing Options Central London @Home
The Safest Choice

A COVID-19 @home test not only helps to keep you socially distanced from others, making it the safest option if you suspect you may be infected, it is the best option if you are isolating.

An @home PCR test can provide you with a fit to fly certificate. An @home PCR test is also a safer way to take your required day 2 and day 8 tests when returning from travel, or when seeking permission to finish self-isolation early via the ‘test to release’ scheme.

Alternatively, PCR home testing services are an excellent choice for those who require a negative COVID-19 test result before returning to work.

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