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The spread of Covid-19 and the actions to contain it have had a dramatic impact on the UK economy and on many other countries around the world. In the UK, GDP is estimated to have fallen by 20% in 2020 Q2. The impact of Covid-19 on businesses was by far the largest quarterly fall on record. The sectors most affected were those where a relatively high proportion of consumer spending involved face-to-face contact and/or social activity (eg accommodation and food or recreational services) and those that were most affected by government restrictions (eg transport).

From working in the office all day long to the new normal of working from home. Several businesses have permanently shut down their physical offices and have gone entirely virtual upon realising that productivity is in no way affected. But not all businesses are able to do this and have relied on the UK’s government response in the way of a business loan scheme and a furlough scheme to help business through the worst of the Pandemic.

Some companies have witnessed a productivity surge since adopting this new work-from-home method though the cost of running a business is at an all-time high, so now many businesses are looking for better ways to cut costs to extend their profit margins. For some smaller businesses many of which have suffered and sadly many have had to shut down entirely or cease operation majorly. They are the ones who have suffered the inability to withstand the harsh reality of the pandemic. Now the seemingly worst of the pandemic is easing business is warily looking forward in a world that has changed forever.

So with businesses picking up the pieces and trying to bounce back – the question remains – in what ways can your small business weather the storm? In what ways can you mitigate the negative impacts Covid-19 has had on your business?

The positive impact of Covid-19

Working from home

A positive impact of Covid-19 has had on businesses is the ability for workers to do their work from home. With technology already in place businesses have been able to continue with output generally greater than before. The benefits of this include lower costs for business who have in some cases downsized their office space and more money for employees as travel expenses are considerably lower.

One Global Economy

Since location has now become almost unnecessary in carrying out daily work activities, any person can work for any company worldwide, and there are no limits. One global economy increases any person’s employment rate and a significant win for the workforce bracket worldwide.

Web-based media

More organizations used the force of web-based media because of the pandemic. Albeit the Corona Virus has prompted critical frequencies of phony news because of the frenzy encompassing the infection, it is likewise a fact that more organizations have needed to treat their online media presence more in a serious way and interface with clients.

We are likewise seeing the most noteworthy blast in the web-based media affecting period. More brands understand the force of web-based media and are effectively utilizing it.

Adverse consequences

Closing down of organizations

Telecommute has demonstrated a superior strategy for some organizations; notwithstanding, more modest organizations who don’t have similar spending plans or functional capacity to adjust have needed to call it quits.


It appears to be the entire world saw one of the main times of joblessness in its set of experiences because of the pandemic. The opportunity arrived that you wanted more than how great you were at your responsibility to remain utilized. The organization may not endure the monetary ramifications of keeping you around, and accordingly, numerous representatives just needed to go. Tragically!

Facing the hardship

Numerous organizations hoping to endure the Covid-19 gloom should now work twice as difficult to remain on the two feet. To endure a difficult time, you should get ready for it. A critical method for getting ready for a worldwide pandemic is to be prepared for it. Focus on the soundness of your laborers or partners. To diminish the effect of the Covid on your business, set up wellbeing structures. Set up monetary designs. Sort out Covid testing for your laborers. It tends to be done at home or work and rapidly as well. Empower inoculation.

Showing that you care about your laborers by focusing on their wellbeing is the most ideal way to spur them to take care of their best business. They get the force and energy to work twice as hard, and your business needs this to keep afloat to lessen the effect of the Covid-19.


Difficult stretches don’t endure, yet extreme organizations do. Your business can endure the hardship of a worldwide pandemic by setting up designs to lessen the effect of the Covid.

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